Parent Comments

“Finding the right school for my children was a challenge. What was best for my son was not the best for my daughter. In the case of Adams Montessori School, I realized that this community met my two children’s interests and temperament, as well as my family’s values. Adams Montessori School is a community represented not only by high-qualified professionals but also with people that share an enormous sense for life. I feel very relieved knowing that the most precious parts of me, my children, are developing self confidence and a love for others, love of learning… Adams Montessori School is guiding my children as they pursue their own interest. I love to know that Adams Montessori has become an important part of my world, too. As a family, we are so proud to be members of a community as unique as Adams.”


– Yndira Nino


“The first thing that struck me about the Montessori classroom here at Adams Montessori was the atmosphere of kindness. Not only were the teachers kind and patient with the children, but the kids were similarly kind with each other. Socially, the culture encourages the older children mentoring the younger children. It is so beautiful to see the children helping one another with such sweetness! Academically, the Montessori way allows children to pursue their strengths, while gently assisting them with things with which they have more difficulty. Because my older son had an interest in numbers, he was able to learn to add, subtract and multiply all before he entered kindergarten! The sensorial materials allowed him not just to memorize, but to understand math on a conceptual level. Both of my boys attended the school and I have never been so comfortable leaving them in someone else’s care. Choosing this school has been one of the best decisions I’ve made since becoming a parent!”


– Jennifer Balboni


“We are so pleased with our twins’ experience at Adams Montessori School. They get exposed to materials in the classroom that they can’t access anywhere else and which satisfy their inquisitive minds. Our youngest son has since joined this community. Our children have thrived in the Montessori environment. Their “whole person” has benefited, and we’ve watched them develop into leaders and self-starters who love to learn. We are also very happy with the staff at the school – they are so enthusiastic about children!! We have found the Adams Montessori staff to be incredibly dedicated and well-trained. They are truly gifted in dealing with a child at the child’s level. The school is an extension of what we value at home: love, sharing, and responsibility. We couldn’t ask for a better educational environment for our children.”


– Nadine Donovan


At our first interview with Adams Montessori staff we knew very little about the Montessori method. We did notice immediately the warmth, compassion and professionalism of the staff and teachers. Still, we had some mixed feelings about the method after an interview with another Montessori School. We had a lot of questions! To name a few, why is it so quiet in those classrooms full of little kids? Why should we let our four-year old boys use porcelain plates and cups? Or why should we let them cut their own slices of cheese using a knife? Nonetheless, all of our worries were relieved within a few months in the program – when we started witnessing, with a few tears in our eyes, the qualities such as self-confidence, respect for other children and self-reliance – all being naturally expressed by our little boy.”


– Pawel Kisiel


“It has been an honor for me to work with the children of the Adams Montessori School as their Art Enrichment teacher. Having worked with children for over 14 years in various capacities, I can say incontrovertibly that the children who attended my art class were the brightest, healthiest, curious and most promising young minds I have known. The teachers at Adams Montessori create an extraordinary environment for children to learn in and it truly has been a pleasure to be a part of this.


– Bradley Backer