Letter From Board

Adams Montessori School is a diverse community of children, families and staff who are passionate about learning and discovery. Our mission is to provide a stimulating Montessori environment that inspires a lifelong love of learning and individual growth.
The Board of Directors knows that there are many important causes in our communities that invite our attention, but we believe the most important commitment we can make in our lifetime is to the future of our children. Fostering a love for learning at a young age and nurturing children to become responsible, productive and compassionate adults may be the greatest gift we can provide this and future generations.
We are asking you today to make a commitment to our school community. An investment in Adams Montessori School helps us achieve our goals of consistently providing a quality Montessori education. Your support is both an act of “giving back” as well as a thoughtful effort to “pay it forward” to those children who will benefit from the education you help build and preserve.
There are many ways to support Adams Montessori School:
First and foremost, our annual Gala Event, now in its 15th year, fundraises for specific programmatic and material needs in the school's classrooms – from toddler through upper elementary.  This is the school's single largest volunteer effort of the year and as such, participation by parents is crucial.  More important, it is a fun social event that brings the entire school community together for an evening of celebration and community building.  
Secondly, I encourage you to give as generously as possible to the school's Annual Fund. Your tax deductible contributions (and those from company matching programs) help to keep the school's tuition as low as possible. The Board is committed to maintaining affordable tuition rates, and we continue to be one of the most competitively priced independent schools on the South Shore and in the Greater Boston area. Our goal every year is to achieve 100% participation in our Annual Fund.
Finally, I encourage all parents to become active members of our community. There are many opportunities to do so, from joining a PFA committee to sharing a particular hobby or occupational skill with either the children or our staff.  The strength of our community is built on these small acts, and the children and school benefit and thrive due to the generous time and genuine love you offer. 
Your daily support of and participation in your child’s individual development enhances Adams Montessori School's community spirit.  I invite you to join me, as well as other parents, grandparents and community members by supporting Adams Montessori School, its AMI mission and today's students in as many ways as possible.
Thank you,
Sinead Walsh, Chair
Board of Directors
Adams Montessori School