Our Parents & Friends Association (PFA)

In the tradition of the Montessori movement, Adams Montessori School believes that collaboration and cooperation are the hallmarks of a thriving, vibrant community. The social fabric of each class and our school as a whole provides learning opportunities for our children every day. Maria Montessori believed that a thriving, cohesive community provides a role model for children, encouraging them to become lifelong responsible and collaborative individuals.

Our PFA organizes and sponsors events throughout the school year to give children and their families an opportunity to enrich their sense of community within and beyond the classroom. A culture of unity and concern for our mutual welfare develops when the community comes together for educational or recreational occasions. Valuable partnerships are formed and strengthened between the school and families through enjoyable and informative gatherings. The PFA also supports Adams Montessori through fundraising efforts during the year and by providing additional resources for the school. 

Below is a list of our PFA committees which all parents are invited to join.
The Social Committee organizes social events throughout the school year, such as school picnics, the international potluck, the pancake dinner, ice skating nights, school hikes and wine tastings.
The Caring Community serves to help Adams Montessori School families in need and to commemorate special events within the community. 
The Staff Appreciation Committee finds ways to show the staff how much parents appreciate all that they do for the children from organizing luncheons during the year to a holiday gift for staff.
The School Life Committee provides support to school staff for special events at Adams Montessori School such as parent information evenings and public speakers.  

Class Parents

Each toddler, primary and elementary classroom has a class parent who assists teachers in organizing events. The class parent helps to arrange summer get-togethers, to enlist family participation for our open houses and field trips, to organize parents to provide refreshments for our parent information series and new parent orientation, and to support other social and class events as they occur.

Host Families

Each spring, host families welcome new families to the Adams Montessori School community. It's a great opportunity to meet other families and help strengthen the fabric of our community. We ask that families organize play dates and invite new families to the end of year picnic.

Community Outreach

Along with the elementary class, the PFA participates in community service projects here and abroad. Adams Montessori School has participated in holiday gift donations for Interfaith Social Services in Quincy, the Heifer Project and Pennies for Peace, to name a few.