Suggested Reading

Recommended Resources for Montessori Primary


Montessori, A Modern Approach

by Paula Polk Lillard

A must read for Montessori parents who want to learn more about the theories and applications of the Montessori method and its impact on children from birth to adulthood.

The Montessori Method

by Maria Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori describes in detail the five areas of a Montessori classroom. There are wonderful examples of lessons in the curriculum.

Montessori Madness

by Trevor Eissler

Trevor Eissler is a parent of three Montessori children who encourages parents to spend thirty minutes observing in a Montessori classroom. As he states in his book, this is a parent to parent argument for Montessori education.

Taking Charge

by Joanne Nordling

A wonderful parenting book that helps all parents find the right balance of freedom and limits with children even as they are living busy lives.

Your Child’s Growing Mind

by Jane Healy

Parents love this book as it explains scientific theories with practical guidelines for parents. Healy explains how children acquire language basic academic skills.

Endangered Minds

by Jane Healy

Using neurological research as a basis, Healy examines how television and computer games compromise children’s ability to concentrate and process information. In a society where an ever increasing number of children are being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, this is a must read!

Failure to Connect

by Jane Healy

This practical guide examines the use of computers and their effect on a young child’s growing mind, including health, cognitive development and creativity. If used incorrectly, computers may do more harm than good to a child’s brain.

What’s Going on in There?

Lise Eliot Ph. D.

Eliot looks at the first five years of a child’s development. Using current brain research, she helps to answer many questions parents have on the nature versus nurture debate and discusses among other topics why there are critical periods for sensory and language development. Montessori termed these critical periods “sensitive periods.”

Punished By Rewards

by Alfie Kohn

When children are rewarded for good behavior, it produces what Kohn describes as temporary obedience. Drawing from many studies, Kohn explains how praise can be an artificial inducement when a child can become more focused on the reward than the task itself.

Last Child in the Woods

by Richard Louv

Louv offers insight on how outside time enhances a child’s development. Using current research, he demonstrates how direct exposure to nature is healthy for the physical and emotional development of children. He also weighs in on obesity, depression and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

Recommended Resources for Montessori Elementary

Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius

by Angelina Stoll Lillard, Ph.D.

This book looks at current scientific research to explain how children best learn.

Montessori Today

by Paula Polk Lillard

Another wonderful book by Paula Polk Lillard! This is an overview of Montessori theory and curriculum with an emphasis on the elementary program.

Raising Financially Fit Kids

by Joline Godfrey

Teaching children about money can be challenging for families. This book is divided into age appropriate sections where Joline Godfrey uses real life examples to teach children money skills. She helps families define financial values, most helpful in these current times.

The Advanced Montessori Method Volume 2

by Maria Montessori

This book introduces the reader to the elementary materials and techniques used for teaching older children. It gives parents some insights to the curriculum of the elementary program.

Periodicals, catalogs and websites

Tomorrow’s Child

A great resource for Montessori parents.

Child of the World Catalogue

found at

This is a wonderful resource that helps parents create a positive Montessori based environment for children ages 3-12. Also available is the Joyful Child catalog for children ages 0-3.